Somersaults in the Sand (Alastair Stewart)


Adventures in the geological mapping of Australia from the 1960s to 2000s. Book of reminiscences and encounters.

Adventures in the geological mapping of Australia

Rollicking outback adventures and offroad battles with harsh terrain are usually remembered by stockmen and drovers. But here’s the story of people who went deep into the remotest parts of Australia, year after year, without any livestock at all.

Geologists, cartographers and field workers reached places only known to Aborigines, to put details on our maps for the first time. Alistair Stewart was one of these modern explorers, who vividly recalls months living in a swagmeeting wildlife, escaping hazards, unlocking the mysteries of ancient rocks.

Their work made the resources boom possible. But for readers, the richer yield is unforgettable adventures with creatures, crackpots and campsites, meals, sports and music, four wheel drives and helicoptersexperiences from a world where extremes are the everyday norm.


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