Is There Life Beyond Earth?


Is There Life Beyond Earth? Morris Jones/Young Reed (2009). A young readers guide to the history of exploration for extra-terrestrial life.

Is There Life Beyond Earth?  

Morris Jones (Young Reed) New Holland Publishing.


Everyday we are searching for signals from deep space, spacecraft are peering down on oceans, distant worlds and probing Mars for deep underground caverns. Take-off on a journey in search of life beyond Earth and join the adventure with the latest information on space exploration:

* fascinating real-life photographs of space
* activities to test your knowledge
* places where you can find more information
* a glossary of new words to learn

This full-colour book offers a chance to explore beyond earth from the safety of your own home. Find out how close humans are to finding life beyond Earth, what it would mean for life on Earth, and what discoveries have been made already.


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