Creating Your Eco-Friendly Garden CSIRO Publishing


Creating Your Eco-Friendly Garden. Horsfall (CSIRO) 158p (2008). Drought-proofing, compost, waterwise overcoming pest problems etc.

Creating Your Eco-Friendly Garden.

Mary Horsfall (CSIRO Publishing)


A CSIRO Publishing Gardening Guide

Creating your Eco-friendly garden shows you how to develop an environmentally friendly garden for little cost. Practically written, it is based on the author’s first hand experience as well as the wealth of knowledge she has amassed working at grass roots. Australia’s most popular self sufficiency magazine.

The book offers advice on planning your garden, choosing plants, planting times, watering options and pest management following organic principles. It explains how to asses the soil and microclimatic effect of surrounding buildings and vegetation so that you can determine the style of garden that best suits your property.


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