Captain Moonlite (Australian Bushrangers)


An Australian Bushranger.

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An Australian Bushranger.

Captain Moonlite
In 1869 the small Victorian mining town of Mt Egerton was outraged by the armed hold-up of the local bank by a masked villain calling himself ‘Captain Moonlite’.

The shock deepened when the perpetrator turned out to be the new lay preacher, a charismatic and respected young man, Andrew George Scott.

On his release from prison Moonlite led a ragged bunch of young desperadoes to stage a siege that would end in a shoot-out and the death of a policeman.

His death cell protestations of innocence raise doubts and sympathy in the hearts of some historians even today.
This book tells the story of Captain Moonlite’s life, from his birth in Ireland to his death on the gallows.


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