Barrington Tops 9133-1-N NSW Topographic Printed Map

Barrington Tops 9133-1-N: Detailed 1:25,000 scale topographic map by New South Wales State Government.


LPI Map Printed By ABC Maps Topographic maps are highly detailed maps showing contours, elevations, watercourses, roads, tracks, land features, prominent buildings and structures etc. New South Wales is covered by four different scales of maps: 1:25,000 (LPI) — 1km = 4cm. (Mainly Eastern NSW). 1:50,000 (LPI) — 1km = 2cm. (Mainly Central NSW). 1:100,000 (LPI) — 1km = 1cm. (Mainly Western NSW).

Click on the following link for a PDF copy of the full map index to 1000s of LPI topographic maps covering New South Wales.

LPI Catologue


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