Australian Bush Cooking Perfect Bound


Australian Bush Cooking Perfect Bound: (Boiling Billy) 255 pages of recipes and cooking tips for that great outdoors meal.

Australian Bush Cooking Perfect Bound

Craig Lewis & Cathy Savage – Boiling Billy

From roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to deserts, Australian Bush Cooking will help bring a tempting new twist to your camp cooking whether its on an open fire, on a gas cooker or in your caravan or camper’s kitchen.

The easy and tempting recipes have all been planned for simplicity as well as good eating, using basic ingredients that are readily available Australia- wide – and all road tested by the authors in the great outdoors.

Now in full colour, many of the recipes are illustrated as are many of the techniques and equipment the authors use whilst out on the road. Australian Bush Cooking also goes further than your usual recipe book with details on the different types of bush cooking gear, advice on menu planning and hints on building the right type of cooking fire. There’s even advice on the fading art of how to brew up a great cup of billy tea!

(BLURB: Courtesy of Boiling Billy) 


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