All About Tomatoes


All About Tomatoes. Clive Blazey. (2011). 60 heirloom tomatoes and 20 related vegetables. Growing your own from seed.

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All About Tomatoes.

by Clive Blazey


60 tomatoes and 20 related vegetables

One hundred years ago there were more than 5 000 varieties of tomatoes. The tomatoes we eat today are the most altered fresh food we serve. The original tomato that arrived in Europe 400 years ago, the Pomodoro (or ‘Golden Apple’) has become large, red, and gained the highest dissatisfaction rating of any vegetable. However, after eighteen years of trialling hundreds of heirloom tomatoes Clive Blazey provides detailed portraits of over sixty tomatoes and twenty heirloom potatoes, peppers, eggplants and other edible solanums in his latest book. By comparing heirlooms with hybrids for yield, flavour and length of harvest, this is the most comprehensive growing guide for gardeners and chefs in Australia. With simple step by step growing instructions on seed raising and planting out, to countering disease and choosing varieties, this little book takes a big step towards restoring our faith in the food we eat. Clive Blazey is the founder of The Diggers Club, and is a recently inducted ‘Food Legend’ for his efforts in rescuing and preserving the best heirloom fruit, flower and vegetable seeds. Clive is actively involved in the preservation of historic gardens and houses, and has authored six books on heirlooms and gardening.


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