Aboriginal Victorians


Aboriginal Victorians. Richard Broome (Allen and Unwin) . Impact on European and modern settlement on the Aboriginal inhabitants of Victoria

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Aboriginal Victorians.

Richard Broome (Allen and Unwin) .


Early settlers saw Victoria and its rolling
grasslands as Australia Felix — happy south land — a prize left for
Englishmen by God. However, for its original inhabitants this country was home
and life, not to be relinquished without a fierce struggle.

Richard Broome tells the story of the impact of European ideas, guns,
killer microbes and a pastoral economy on the networks of kinship, trade and
cultures that various Aboriginal peoples of Victoria  
had developed
over millennia. From first settlement to the present, he shows how Aboriginal
families have coped with ongoing disruption and displacement, and how
individuals and groups have challenged the system. With painful stories of
personal loss as well as many successes, Broome outlines how Aboriginal
Victorians survived near decimation to become a vibrant community today.


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