500 Appetisers


500 Appetisers. Susannah Blake. 2007. 500 Appetisers offers tasty morsels and treats for every occasion with tips and fresh ideas.

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500 Apptisers

Susannah Blake.

 500 Appetizers is crammed with 500 mouthwatering
recipes, accompanied by full-color phtography and clear and easy-to-use
directions. Filled with tips on how to select the right ingredients and then
how to make and present the dishes for absolutely perfect results; this truly
is the only appetizer compendium you’ll ever need. An introductory section
covers all preparation and cooking essentials: techniques, equipment, ingredients,
conversions and troubleshooting Appetizers for every occasion – from elegant
canapes to pair with cocktails and wine, to fun pizza bits for kids’ parties;
sophisticated starters to serve before dinner; and healthy, low-fat and low
sugar snacks. Packed with fresh ideas for serving and preparing crudites,
crostinis, skewers, and sweets.


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