500 Pies and Tarts


500 Pis and Tarts. Rebecca Baugniet. Mouthwatering recipes for all occasions. The best pies and tarts compendium you’ll ever need.

500 Pies and Tarts

Rebecca Baugniet

If you’ve always wanted to bake a pie but don’t know where to start, our detailed recipes will guide you with precision, taking the guesswork out of pastry making and providing useful tips that ensure success each time. Includes many simple-to-make pies and tarts and numerous time-saving variations from basic shortcrust to puff pastry – this volume will allow you to experiment as well as rediscover forgotten favourites.

A mouthwatering collection of pies and tarts – from easy to assemble cobblers and classics like lemon meringue pie to sophisticated treats like fig and ricotta tarts.


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