4WD Days in the Goldfields of WA (Westate)


Track notes covering 16 day trips out of Southern Cross, Coolgardie, Norseman, Kalgoorlie and Menzies.

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4WD Days in the Goldfields of WA 2nd ed.

Westate Publishers Pty.Ltd.

The 21st century rush to Western Australia’s goldfields is made up of sun-seeking holiday makers taking advantage of the warm weather, the wide open spaces and a remarkable heritage legacy that recalls the hectic history of the region. The excitement of fabulous finds and the romance of the resulting gold rushes are well captured for modern-day 4WD travellers in this trip book. As well as the historical record, the book provides detailed trip notes with selected GPS waypoints to guide you on sixteen thrilling journeys of discovery through remote wilderness bush tracks to give you a taste of what it must have been like for the people who pioneered these parts.

To assist in a wider appreciation of this fascinating locale, a special place in Western Australia’s turbulent past, the trips emanate from five surviving centres: Southern Cross, Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, Norseman and Menzies. So park your caravan a while and venture out into the bushlands of the goldfields where it all took place so long ago. Wend your way through a region once travelled by the early explorers, the persistent prospectors, the ever-hopeful diggers who followed them, the sandalwood pullers, the woodline workers and the town-builders. Soak up their stories amid sensational scenery.

The four round trips from Southern Cross not only take in features that loom large in the annals of exploration, they also visit some of the earliest payable finds east of Perth, the mines that heralded the heyday of the fields and began the build-up of fortune seekers. Other destinations are associated with the Eastern Railway and the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. From Coolgardie, the tours follow woodline formations and sandalwood tracks to get you to the great granite outcrops that rear up from the magnificent salmon gum forests. Out from Kalgoorlie, you’ll travel through parched lands that saw some of the greatest movements of humans the nation has ever known as rush upon rush took place. You’ll pass traces of empty and featureless ghost towns, now the only evidence left of the phantom prospectors who found these places. And from Norseman, you’ll experience the picturesque lake country with its vast expanses of bluebush plain, a Cobb andamp; Co. coach track heritage trail and abandoned woodline settlements.

Almost all of the tours have a few mildly challenging elements suited to 4wdriving. These include ruts, bogs, soft sand and rocks along with a few overgrown sections that will test your driving skills. But the wild, empty country you will access can more than make up for any difficulties you may encounter along the way. This trip book will bring these remote and now largely silent regions alive for you.


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