1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die


Every fact packed description provides practical information on how to tackle one of the world’s greatest walks.

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1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die

Including 50 in Australia

1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die is an essential reference guide for all those who love to get out of their cars, get off their bikes, and lace up their walking shoes.

The ever-increasing passion for recreational walking is given fresh impetus with the creation of each new national park and wilderness area, the construction of every new walkway, and the clearing of another fresh, never-before-trodden trail.

The exponential growth of pathways and woodland walks, the utilisation of canal banks and disused railways being converted around the world to mixed-use walk and cycle ways, means we now have unprecedented access to our cities and to ever-increasing tracts of our rural heritage. 1001 Walks You Must Experience Before You Die is the perfect guide to the world’s most exhilarating walks.

The wide-ranging, carefully chosen routes vary from the rugged delights of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path to the wilderness of Jamaica, and the Harz Witch’s Trail high in the German mountains.

The hand-picked excursions take in mountain passes, forest paths, ancient Native American trails, and much more. There are gentle walks for beginners – some lasting barely an hour – and more demanding challenges for seasoned enthusiasts that may take weeks to achieve.

Every page provides a wealth of information about a must-try walk, including start and end points, overall distance, difficulty rating, map references, and an estimation of the time it should take to complete. Created by an international team of travel writers and walking enthusiasts, it is the perfect guide for walking the world.

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