Hema Australia Road & 4WD Atlas 13th Ed.


HEMA Australia Road & 4WD Atlas 13th Ed.

The Hema Australia road & 4WD atlas has been in production for more than twenty-five years.

These atlases offer unique cartography and have grown in reputation to be the preferred resource for travellers, four-wheel drivers and caravanners traversing Australian roads and tracks.

Facility symbols on the maps point to caravan parks, camping grounds, roadside rest areas, 24-hour fuel stops, roadhouses, overnight camps and much more.

The atlas is housed in a strong and durable cover with sturdy spiral binding, suitable for all road users.

This new edition includes newly updated mapping data for Australia’s most popular 4WD destinations such as Cape York, Fraser Island, the Top End, the Kimberley, the Pilbara, Central Australia, High Country Victoria and the Flinders Ranges that is now easier to read than ever

Contents include:

  • A detailed Australia-wide atlas
  • Separate 4WD map section
  • City, suburbs and regional maps
  • Tourist points of interest


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