Beachcombing - Perth and South-West beaches

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Beachcombing - Perth and South-West beaches

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Beachcombing - Perth and South-West beaches.

Bush Books (CALM)


 As humans, we often dabble at the water's edge, and for some strange reason, feel an urge to turn over a rock, or look into a tidal pool and find something new. Western Australia is blessed by having an exceptionally long and reasonably pristine coastline. This book covers some of the most common and interesting species of marine animals and plants found on the WA coastline from Geraldton to Albany. This is a fascinating book and should provide hours of pleasure for those who are fascinated by that area between the land and the sea.

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Size: 150mm X 100mm.
Pages: 72 pages
Binding: Soft Laminated cover. Staple bound.
Publication Date: 1997 reprinted 2006.
Images (Colour or Mono) Full Colour
Author and/or publisher Department of Conservation and Land Management W.A

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6 - 6 of 60 results