The Drovers by Evan McHugh

The Drovers by Evan McHugh

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Stories behind the heroes of our stock routes


From the High Country to the Outback, there are extraordinary stories of the men and women who have travelled across Australia behind mobs of cattle, sheep and horses. These quiet achievers, of every race and creed, forged an Australian legend.

Evan McHugh bring alive the hapless convicts attempting to round up the First Fleet's escaped cattle on foot; overlanders blazing through trackless wilderness to supply the vast stations carved from the bush; stockmen who risked blizzards to bring cattle to alpine pastures; and drovers who crossed the continent behind the largest mobs of cattle the world has ever seen.

These stories overflow with colourful characters: cattle-duffers like Harry Redford, renowned boss drovers like Nat Buchanan and strong women like Edna Zigenbine and Red Jack, who could measure up to any man. They lived a life most of us only dream about and came to love the beauty of Australia's most famous and infamous stock routes, including the Birdsville, Murranji and Strzelecki tracks, and the Canning stock route.

McHugh's meticulous research and vivid eye for detail is the closest you'll get to saddling up your moke and poking a mob of cattle off camp.

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ISBN: ISBN 9780143205296
Size: approx.197mm X 128mm.
Pages: 253 pages.
Binding: Soft laminated cover. Perfect bound.
Publication Date: (1st edition 2010 / 2011).
Images (Colour or Mono) Mainly B/W, some colour.
Author and/or publisher Evan McHugh. (Penguin Books).

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