The Amazing Healing Powers of Nature

The Amazing Healing Powers of Nature

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How plants and animals can help to improve our health

What could a horse do to improve your health? Or a daffodil, a hookworm, a sea cucumber, or brown algae drifting in the ocean? The Amazing Healing Powers of Nature is full of surprises. It will change the way you look at modern medicine forever.

The capacity for the natural world to heal is potentially limitless. Plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms have provided the basis for an astonishing number of drugs that many of us take every day. In a series of comprehensive articles, this engaging book highlights cutting-edge research into treatments for the fight against diabetes, heart complaints, many types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, high cholesterol and numerous other life-threatening or debilitating conditions, as well as more minor ailments. All these treatments have been developed from nature.

Major medical breakthroughs could come at any time, courtesy, say, of an inconspicuous jungle vine, a tropical shellfish or a little-known fungus sprouting on a forest floor. This is a book that is not only enlightening, but also positive and inspiring. The Amazing Healing Powers of Nature offers hope for the future.

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ISBN: 9.78E+12
Size: 283mm X 216mm.
Pages: 320 pages.
Binding: Hard laminated cover. Stitch bound.
Publication Date: 2013 / 2014.
Images (Colour or Mono) Full colour.
Author and/or publisher Reader's Digest.

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