Reptiles of Victoria CSIRO

Reptiles of Victoria CSIRO

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Reptiles of Victoria CSIRO


Winner of the 2019 Whitley Award for Natural History.

Victoria’s reptile population is not often encountered by urban dwellers, with many species rare or threatened. You may have glimpsed a skink darting into the undergrowth, a snake slithering along a walking path or a blue-tongued lizard sunning itself near your garden shed. Yet the turtles, skinks, geckos, goannas, snakes and other reptiles that call Victoria home are fascinating and important members of the urban and rural ecosystems.

Reptiles of Victoria is the first publication to describe all reptiles known to occur within Victoria. It contains keys and illustrated descriptions to allow identification of all 123 native, introduced and vagrant reptile species and describes their biology, ecology, distributions and the habitats in which they live. It also indicates the level of risk that the venomous snakes pose to humans and includes a brief section on first aid for snake bites.

Natural history enthusiasts and professional and amateur herpetologists will find this an essential guide.

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Additional product information

ISBN: 9180643093935
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 2019
Images (Colour or Mono) Colour
Author and/or publisher Peter Robertson & A. John Coventry

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