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Rock Star

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The story of Reg Sprigg – an outback legend

Oil; uranium; geology; conservation; these are all the catch-cries of our times and Reg Sprigg embodies them all. Rock Star tells the life of this intrepid , determined and oft-times irreverent pioneering Australian renowned as one of our nation’s greatest geologists.

By the age of 30 Reg had discovered the oldest fossils in the world and some of its deepest under-sea canyons. He had worked at Australia’s first two uranium mines and searched for material to construct the world’s first atomic bomb.

However, his unconventional style meant it made Reg a target for ASIO who, during the McCarthy era, suspected him of communist leanings and edged him out of the public service. Undeterred, Reg went on to help found SANTOS and discover the great Cooper Basin oil and gas fields. He set up the largest private geological consulting firm in the country and, when disillusioned by big business, he established his own exploration company, Beach Petroleum.

By the time he was 50 Reg had driven the first vehicle across the Simpson Desert and crossed the continent from north, south, east and west. He had also launched Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, one of Australia’s first eco-tourism resorts.



Chapter 1: 
Early Days p.1

Chapter 2:
Wartime Uranium Search p.24

Chapter 3: 

The 40-mile-an-hour geologist p.47

Chapter 4:
Radium Hill p.63

Chapter 5:
Mapping the State p.85

Chapter 6:
Oil p.111

Chapter 7:
Across the Simpson Desert p.140

Chapter 8:
Waterworlds p.169

Chapter 9:
Success in the 1960s p.193

Chapter 10:
An Outback Wildlife Sanctuary p.213

Chapter 11:
Bad Times p.239

Chapter 12:
Battered Beach p.262

Chapter 13:
One Lifetime is not Enough p.285

Chapter 14: 

The Sprigg Legacy p.308

References p.325

Index p.328

Additional product information

ISBN: ISBN 9781921037290.
Size: 232mm X 153mm.
Pages: 333 pages.
Binding: Soft cover. Perfect bound.
Publication Date: (2008).
Images (Colour or Mono) B/W Images and text.
Author and/or publisher Kristin Weidenbach. (East Street).

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