Outback Women's Stories

Outback Women's Stories

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Amazing Australian Amazons

The word "amazon" generally conjures up images of wild and powerful warrior women, fighting off foes in some primitive matriarchal society where they rule over men who have been subverted to more menial roles. Outback Women's Stories is a compilation of significant Australian women of simple but important character traits - strength, fortitude and courage. Australia has grown from penal colony to modern nation and important player on the global stage, and during this period there have been any number of women who have courageously taken on the multifarious and sometimes death-defying challenges the Aussie outback has thrown at them, often alongside the man they loved with a gaggle of children in tow. These women have faced their trials admirably, with rarely a word of complaint, and continue to do so to this day - they are our Aussie Amazons.

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ISBN: 9.78E+12
Size: 210mm X 136mm
Pages: 180 pages.
Binding: Laminated paperback. Perfect bound.
Publication Date: 2013
Images (Colour or Mono) Mainly mono text. A few thumbnail b/w images.
Author and/or publisher Paul Bugeja. (Brolga)

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