Companion Planting in Australia

Companion Planting in Australia

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Companion Planting in Australia.

Brenda Liitle / Ken Gilroy. New Holland Publishers Pty. Ltd.


Letting nature work for your garden

In this book a lot of hints were picked up by the authors grandfather, who was a smiling man and an untidy gardener. You never saw bare soil in his garden. He believed in jostling his plants together and he never used a bought spray in his life.

It is only now that one realises what a wise old bird he was as more and more people recognise the good sense of working with nature instead of trying to club it into submission.

One is naturally not daft enough to claim that companion planting and the hints given here will give a wholly pest and a trouble free garden but there is very little cost involved and at least you will be doing no harm.

Companion planting is the art of grouping plants to the best effect of growing together i.e: parsley grows well with chives, but not near mint. There are also tips on natural pest preventatives such as a light spray of seaweed solution can help to combat mildew.

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ISBN: 9.78E+12
Size: 210mm X 132mm
Pages: 94 pages
Binding: Soft cover. Perfect Bound
Publication Date: 2011
Images (Colour or Mono) Colour Illustrations
Author and/or publisher Brenda Little/ Ken Gilroy. New Holland Publishers Pty. Ltd.

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