Navigating with a GPS by Pete Hawkins (Cicerone Guide)

Navigating with a GPS by Pete Hawkins (Cicerone Guide)

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How to use a GPS

When GPSs first went on sale to an expectant outdoor market, many commentators were gleefully signaling the demise of traditional map and compass skills on the hill. Wild claims were made by manufacturers and early adopters alike which were vigorously rebutted by the traditionalists. Since then the units have dropped dramatically in price whilst the range of functions they offer have increased. Some units can now display proper mapping for example, and with the ability to link your GPS to your computer's mapping software, you could be easily persuaded that these siren calls have been proved right - traditional navigation has died. However don't write the obituary yet. Having good map and compass skills is essential for getting the best out of your GPS and as an essential back-up if the unit fails. Alongside the rapid development of the GPS has come the ready availability of digital mapping software and other technological gizmos to tempt the techie walker.In this practical guide to navigating with a GPS, navigation expert Pete Hawkins explains how to get the best from your GPS. He breaks down the jargon into understandable English and takes you through GPS navigation in a clear and structured way. He also recognizes that strong traditional navigational skills are the basis for effective GPS navigation, and gives a potted summary of how to navigate with a map and compass. He also takes a look at digital mapping and how that can benefit the outdoor user and how GPSs and mapping software can be used positively together.

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ISBN: 9.78E+12
Size: 155mm X 100mm.
Pages: 112 pages.
Binding: Soft plastic cover. Perfect bound.
Publication Date: 2009
Author and/or publisher Pete Hawkins. (Cicerone).

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