Buckley's Chance, Garry Linnell

Buckley's Chance, Garry Linnell

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Buckley's Chance, Garry Linnell


He fought Napoleon’s army and survived. He was sent to the gallows and escaped the noose. He is now locked in chains and being sent to the other side of the world.

What happens next will become one of the most remarkable survival stories in history.

William Buckley aged 21, is sent to England's newest dumping ground for criminals, Australia. A former soldier sentenced to life for stealing two small pieces of cloth. Refusing to be held down & his desire for freedom, will make his story so unique - even in an era famous for outrageous acts of bravery and heroism.

On a moonlit night Buckley escapes and disappears into the Australian bush. Discovered and adopted by an aboriginal tribe who regard him as a ghost, he is initiated into their rich and complex culture. Given up for dead by his white captors, he will not be seen again for more than 30 years until he emerges one day...carrying a spear, dressed in animal skins and having forgotten the English language.

Buckley’s Chance is a profound journey into a turning point in history where cultures clash, bitter rivals go to war and the body count mounts.

A man prepared to defy all odds and take a chance, Buckley’s chance.

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