Blood on the Wattle by Bruce Elder

Blood on the Wattle by Bruce Elder

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Blood on the Wattle


Massacres and Maltreatment of Aboriginal Australians

Blood on the Wattle draws together, in a single volume, most of the information about the massacres of Aboriginal people which has been recorded in books and journals.

It also creates a broad-based level of awareness of the scale of the massacres of Aboriginal people so that this dimension of Australian history can become part of the Australian consciousness.

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ISBN: 9781741100082
Size: 230mm X 170mm
Pages: 310 pages.
Binding: Soft laminated cover. Perfect bound.
Publication Date: 3rd edition. 2005 / 2014 reprint.
Images (Colour or Mono) B/W images and maps.
Author and/or publisher Bruce Elder. (New Holland).

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