Australian Seashores - Wild Discovery Guide

Australian Seashores - Wild Discovery Guide

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Australian Seashores - Wild Discovery Guide.

Len Zell.

All species and photographs in this book have, where possible, been included as they can be seen by a walk on the beach at the right tide.

You will see varied examples according to where you are, your luck and the age of the dead ones washed up. Should you discover examples that you can't find in here then use the similar ones to lead you to the appropriate guides listed in the Bibliography.

In this book we travel to accessible sites and identify the most commonly seen. Just as you develop knowledge and respect for Australian shores, you can add our shores to your friendship list.

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ISBN: 9780975718490
Size: 215mm x 145mm
Pages: 481 pages
Binding: Soft laminated cover. Perfect Bound/Plastic dust jacket.
Publication Date: 2014
Images (Colour or Mono) Full Colour
Author and/or publisher Len Zell

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