Handbook to Australian Seashells

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Handbook to Australian Seashells

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Handbook to Australian Seashells.

Barry Wilson

A Handbook to Australian Seashells will help you to identify most of the shells you find, no matter where you are on the Australian coast.  It includes over 375 species of the most common seashells found along our seashores. Each one is illustrated with a beautiful colour photograph showing its colours, patterns, shape and sculpture.

Seashells are the home to strange little creatures collectively known as molluscs.  Detailed illustrations show mollusk body and shell parts and shapes and the terms used to describe them. Some also show how the shell fits on the animal.

Some shells contain animals which are dangerous and should be left alone.  These are indicated. There are also some notes about conservation and some simple tips on how to prepare shells for your collection.

Additional product information

ISBN: 9781876334420
Size: 210mm x 150mm
Pages: 185 pages
Binding: Soft laminated cover. Perfect bound
Publication Date: 2002
Images (Colour or Mono) Full Colour
Author and/or publisher Barry Wilson.

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