Mount Wilson 8930-1-N NSW Topographic Map

Mount Wilson 8930-1-N NSW Topographic Map

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Topographic maps are highly detailed maps showing contours, elevations, watercourses, roads, tracks, land features, prominent buildings and structures etc.

New South Wales is covered by four different scales of maps:

1:25,000 (LPI) -- 1km = 4cm. (Mainly Eastern NSW).

1:50,000 (LPI) -- 1km = 2cm. (Mainly Central NSW).

1:100,000 (LPI) -- 1km = 1cm. (Mainly Western NSW).

1:100,000 (Natmap) -- 1km = 1cm. (Mainly Central and Eastern NSW).

1:250,000 (Natmap) -- 2.5km = 1cm. (All of NSW).


Click on the following link for a PDF copy of the full map index to 1000s of LPI topographic maps covering New South Wales.

Click here to download the full LPI Map Index / Catalogue PDF file.

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