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How to Catch Guides

Essential reading for catching popular recreation fish

How to Catch Murray Cod & Golden Perch

by Stephen Booth & Dirk Wendt

The book covers biology, habitat and fishing methods. Chapters devoted to bait fishing, lure casting, lure trolling and fly fishing reveal how, when and where each technique is most effective.

There is also plenty of useful information for the experienced angler including lure colours, types and alternative fishing methods.

Other important fresh water fish species are also discussed as well as conservation measures. There are also segments dealing with depth sounders, boats and other related equipment.

190mm X 260mm. (2002). Colour photos and illustrations. Soft Cover.

ISBN 1865130966. OUT OF PRINT

How to Catch Bream on Lures & Flies

by Kaj 'Bushy' Busch & Steve Starling

Similar in format to the above, this book covers one of the fastest growing styles of recreational angling - catching bream of lures and flies.

Various species of bream are found right around the Australian coastline in estuaries, coastal lakes, bays, harbours, inlets etc.

The book explores and examines biology, habitat and habits of the species with lots of quality information on how to go about catching them.

190mm X 260mm. (2001). Colour photos and illustrations. Soft Cover.

ISBN 1865130176. OUT OF PRINT

Bream, Flathead & Mulloway and how to catch them

By Geoff Wilson

Author Geoff Wilson has been fishing for bream, flathead & mulloway all his life, and this book combines his intimate knowledge of these three species with his talents as one of the best fishing illustrators.

The techniques described in this book will assist anglers all around Australia to catch these three popular species. There is something in this book for everyone, from the beginner to the expert. Geoff describes in detail all of the tricks of trade and his illustrations clearly outline the rigs and tactics required.

260mm X 190mm. (2004). Colour photos and illustrations. Soft Cover.

ISBN 1865130583. Out of Print

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