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The Book of Crystals

By Fiona Toy

A Practical Guide to the Beauty and Healing Influence of Crystals and Gemstones.

Crystals have been used and treasured throughout the ages -- as objects of beauty around the home, to focus meditation, for prediction, as stepping-stones to expanded awareness, for emotional well-being, and for physical healing.

This beautiful and practical guide is a fascinating introduction to the world of crystal lore.

Chapters include: How to choose a crystal -- Using Crystals around the home -- Balancing your body -- Health, prediction, meditation and relaxation -- Energy with crystals -- Birthstones -- Zodiac affinities -- A-Z guide to crystals and healing stones.

Hard cover with dust jacket. 80 pages. approx. 218mm X 143mm. 2006 Edition. ISBN: 174110064X. APN: 9781741100648. Out of Print

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